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Hi, My came is Cassie I am 36, I have 4 amazing kids, Jake is 14, Ruby 10, Ivy 8 and Ella is 6. My family is the reason I got into photography I have always had a camera in my hand and with their support I created Cassie J Photography. I have chosen to specialise in Maternity, Newborn, Baby and Family Photography. I have won multiple international awards for these genres, I feel this time in life goes by so quickly and is so easily forgotten, 

those tiny toes, little lashes and flaky skin, I know it has for me and I love looking back at photos of my kids and remembering just how little they were. I have done extensive training on safety and posing of Newborns and continue to learn from the world's best. I love learning and feel it is so important to continue educating myself on the latest techniques and styles of First year Photography. I have a beautiful home studio that is full of props I have sourced from all over the world, I am always on the hunt for beautiful props to add to my collection.

My family are all kept up to date with all vaccinations including whooping cough. This is such an important thing for a photographer who will be working with your baby, your babies health and safety is my number one priority. 

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Having my studio in my home has helped in making all my clients feel relaxed during a session. I have been complimented by so many of my clients on how comfortable and relaxed they feel while in the studio, and that they weren't expecting to be, I think most people imagine Newborn and Baby photography as stressful loads of crying and just plain unpleasant. Let me put your mind at ease I will do everything possible to make your time in the studio as relaxing as possible (some dads fall asleep lol) and to have the session flow smoothly. 

Thank you for stopping by my site and considering me as your Photographer. 

Cassie x

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